Why do I need to understand how babies sleep?


We found it makes things a bit easier to deal with if you know what’s going on.

The detailed answer:

As you have probably found, lot of different claims are made for how babies should sleep and how we can try to change their sleep patterns.

We think it’s important to understand what’s real and ‘normal’, and what is wishful thinking or based on flawed research.

A large part of coping is making sure we have realistic expectations, and working within that. Otherwise, we might end up spending precious energy trying to fit our babies into an idea which isn’t going to happen.

Yes, we do hear of people talking about babies who sleep long stretches from a young age. But this isn’t necessarily best for your baby, and it is probably much rarer than you think.

We’ve read through a lot of websites and research for you, and collected some of the most common myths here. Although it’s not always what you want to hear, it does make sense in our experience, as well as being supported by research,  and once we understood it, other things seemed a bit better. See what you think.

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