How will a baby carrier help?

– Soothing for the baby
Most babies, especially newborns, enjoy being held in close contact with their parent or care-giver. Baby carriers offer a comfortable and practical way of providing this contact.  There is evidence that infants who are carried regularly will cry less.

– Soothing for the care-giver
Care-givers usually also enjoy the close physical contact a baby carrier offers, and it can be a great bonding experience for mums, dads, grandparents and other care-givers.  Some mothers have even reported that it helped their recovery from post-natal depression.

– Practical for parents
Carrying the baby in a sling around the house can be used either to give tired arms a break, or to leave hands free to get some chores done.

When out and about a sling can also be a highly practical option, particularly if there are stairs, bumpy paths, narrow doorways or other buggy-unfriendly obstacles to tackle.

– Other potential benefits for the baby
– can ease the symptoms of colic and reflux
– decreased risk of positional plagiocephaly, aka ‘flat-head syndrome’
– reduced stress levels
– increased communication with the care-giver due to physical closeness