Can negative ions help me sleep?

You may be feeling sceptical, and you may be asking what negative ions are! They are negatively charged air molecules, generated naturally by moving water such as a shower, waterfall or beach.  Some people feel more refreshed in these natural environments.  Some people also report that they sleep better and feel more refreshed if they use an air ioniser to create negative ions at home. (Have a google if you don’t believe us, or look on wikipedia, who report that air ionisers reduced hospital infections to zero in a ward where they were introduced.)

Marianne says: “I read here that some people are more sensitive to negative ions than others. If you feel extra refreshed at the beach with sea spray in the air, or standing near a rushing waterfall, or in a tropical summer rainstorm, but if you feel sleepy indoors with artificial heating or aircon, you may be sensitive to it too. I could really identify with that so I decided to try it at home, and I got an air purifier with a built in ioniser.  I turned it on once I brought my son into bed with me part way through the night. I have to say I woke up feeling so refreshed and filled with a kind of euphoric feeling. My son slept much longer than usual too, in the bed next to me. It’s nature’s anti depressant, apparently, well it seems to be working for me. It even gives rainfall a new meaning as I can imagine all the negative ions being created in the air. I want to tell everyone about it. My other half thinks it’s all in the mind, but I don’t care how it works, it works for me.”