*New mothers should get the all-clear from a healthcare professional before attempting any exercise regime*

It can be very hard to find time to exercise as a parent, but it has a lot of physical and mental health benefits. If you are struggling with sleep deprivation then now is not the time for anything extreme, but some gentle exercise will get mood-enhancing endorphins flowing and may actually make you feel less tired.

If you have someone to look after the baby whilst you exercise then that’s great, but if that’s not an option then here are some other ways you could get some exercise:

    • go for walks with your baby in a sling or buggy. It’s great all round exercise and you can make the walks as long/short/hilly/flat/fast/slow as you and baby like
    • there are free videos on YouTube, etc. that demonstrate workouts you can do with your baby in a sling or just held in your arms
    • try an exercise DVD or app with short segments that you can complete as and when you find a bit of time. There are some workouts that can be completed in as little as 7 minutes
    • there are some fitness DVDs aimed at parents and toddlers/older children that you can do together
    • research fitness classes in your area, there maybe some that you can take your baby or toddler along to
    • put on your favourite upbeat music and dance around your living room with your child!
    • join a gym with a crèche


Time to see a doctor?
If you are experiencing any worrying physical or mental health issues related to sleep deprivation, please seek medical advice.