Who are we?

We would like to tell you a little more about who we are and why we created this site.

Behind the scenes we are a team of parents, sharing a wish to reach out and help other parents who are trying to cope just like us. Between us we have experience, training and qualifications in childcare, teaching, research, coaching and mentoring, psychotherapy, counselling, and psychoanalysis, among other things! This doesn’t make us experts. At the end of the day, we’re parents just like you. That’s why this site is based on experience. It is also supported by research findings, but real practical experience of what works comes first.

Messages from some of us are below.


Our founding member, Jane, says this:

“I love sleep, and I love being a mum. I’m passionate about supporting parents as they find their own ways to cope with the debilitating effects of long term sleep deprivation, while sharing and celebrating the joy and euphoria (and all the spectrum of experiences..!) of early parenthood. I created Better Rest to share ideas, inspiration, and a bit of humour too. The aim is to be a companion resource for all parents struggling with a profound lack of sleep.”


One of our contributing editors, Laura, says this:

“Hi, my name is Laura, and my 2 year old has never, ever, not even once, slept through the night. Before you start feeling sorry for me, I’m actually pretty well-rested and doing just fine. We’ve had some really tough sleep deprivation along the way, but leaving our baby to cry never felt right. Instead we gradually found ways to get more rest and make life easier for ourselves. When I heard about The Better Rest Method website being set up, I knew I wanted to get involved. This website is for all the tired parents out there, put together by people who understand. We’ve brought together the main gentle options in one place, and the ‘method’ pulls everything together in a step-by-step guide. I hope you find it as useful as I would have when I was searching for help in the wee small hours.”


Another of our contributing editors, Laura (also called Laura), says this:

“I’m Laura, I’m a trained Primary School teacher and I am currently a stay-at-home-mum to twin girls. I was wholly unprepared for the lack of sleep having newborn twins would cause and I clung on to the suggestions from others that they would sleep through at 6 weeks and then at 12. Lucky I realised my expectations were way off because they are almost three and I can count the number of times they have both slept through at the same time on one finger! Does that mean I’m chronically sleep-deprived? No. As a family we have made changes to ensure we can all be as rested as possible, whilst avoiding trying to force unnatural changes on the girls. Yes, I wouldn’t mind a full night’s sleep, but I know these days (and nights) are fleeting, so I’m making the most of the cuddles while they last.”