How To Survive a Sleep Thief

Not exactly a ‘sleep method’ or ‘sleep consultant’, Emily-Jane Clark provides “an antithesis to ‘useful’ baby sleep advice”, aka “how to survive when your baby will not go the f*** to sleep”.

Her website has a few semi-useful posts in terms of basic survival, but overall is more likely to wake up the baby as you laugh at her writing. You have been warned.

Why is the antithesis to sleep advice included in the section about sleep methods and consultants? Basically because we don’t want to take anything too seriously, and because if we’re laughing, everything else seems less important.

Our favourite posts include the following:

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night (In Just TWO Years)

The Only Way to Win at Sleep-Deprivation

How To Entertain Babies And Toddlers While Lying Down

If you like Facebook, her Facebook page is quite funny too.