Sleep Methods and Consultants

Many sleep consultants will propose a variety of sleep and rest approaches. They will explain each method to you, and work with you to choose the approach that will work best for your family.

We hope to support you in making this decision for yourself, without needing to pay anything.

Use the menu to select a method to read about.

Please note that we link to the books and products published by some of the authors, as we respect their right to be credited and to have their published material known about. If you feel that you connect especially well with any of the methods, you may like to buy the book or ask your library to stock it. This will be more thorough, and has the added benefit of reducing your screen time.

Having said that, we do not think you should need to buy anything, unless you feel particularly drawn to something. It’s possible to spend a lot of money in the search for sleep.

Finally, we understand that some people may feel that paying a sleep consultant is the right decision for them. If this is you, please make sure that you choose wisely. The Birthing Space is an example of a sleep counselling service that we feel we could trust. This is just one example, however, and you will probably wish to compare and look around. We’re here for you whatever you decide.

To contribute your own reviews or experiences of any gentle methods or strategies, please get in touch!