Gentle night weaning

Yasmine: I know this sounds like it wouldn’t work in a million years, but it did with our little boy at 15 months old…

I was doing everything I could think of but he was still waking multiple times at night, and getting very distressed unless it was me (and not my partner) who was going to him.

One evening, I sat down with him (in our room where he sleeps) before we started our bed time routine, and I talked to him about how safe his room was, asked him to show me where “his bed was” (he did) and I talked more about how nice and safe he was in his bed, how we were right nearby if he needed us. I was still breastfeeding him during the day and at night, but was ready to gently night wean.

So, after this little chat, bath routine and breastfeed as usual, I un-latched him before he fell asleep and explained how it was time for “mama milk to go to sleep”… He complained a little but then waved and said “bye bye” (pretty cute). That night, he slept from 7pm until 5am without any wake ups.

I’ve repeated the same talk with him every night since, as part of his routine, and he is still sleeping through.

Basically, once I started including him in the process of helping him sleep, the whole thing became much easier and calmer.

It’s so hard, I know, when you’re incredibly tired. Hope you find some helpful advice here.

– Yasmine