Sofa bed dad

Paul: The first few nights after Oli was born, I slept in the bedroom with him and Emma.

We have a three sided co sleeper next to the bed. Whenever he wakes up, Emma can pull him onto the bed and feed him back to sleep.

I wanted to be there too and it was nice to start with. But after she got into the swing of it I didn’t really have to be there.

Breast milk made at night apparently includes hormones that help the mum and baby both get back to sleep. But I was woken up then finding it hard to drift back off.

I wasn’t any use to anyone if I was exhausted too. So I started sleeping on the sofa bed. I can get a proper night sleep now. This way I’m much more useful during the day and evening. I’m the one doing dinner as Emma is often too tired.

Some people apparently say the dad might want to “bond” by feeding the baby a bottle at night or just being up as well. Personally I can bond by playing with Oli and looking after him. There’s no point for me to try to feed him at night. That’s what breasts are for! And as I said, the mum can get back to sleep much easier. Also Emma read it will lower her milk supply if she doesn’t feed whenever he wants at night. It wouldn’t make sense for us both to be awake.

Oli’s still really small so we’ll stick with this for now. I’m getting more sleep and I’m more useful. It’s better for Oli, and that’s what’s important.

Hope that’s helpful.