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Nap time sorted!

Mira: When my baby was 10 weeks old, a family friend told me he should be napping an hour and a half after waking up. He had to wake, then do some calculation of time, feed him, play, something like that. It was some kind of method with an acronym. I can’t remember exactly.

She showed me how to use a pacifier and swaddle him, and rock him to sleep before laying him down in his crib.

I spent so much time rocking him and singing to him, and trying to lay him in his crib. I became convinced that if he would nap like this, he would sleep better at night.

He sometimes only napped for 10 minutes after half an hour of rocking and singing.

I enjoyed singing to him, but don’t know why I didn’t just lie down next to him and sleep with him. Why not put my breast in his mouth instead of the pacifier. That’s what I do now.

I was happy with the advice at the time, but now I find napping with him is so much nicer. I love it.

 – Mira