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Getting my evenings back

Before I had Jack I really loved my evenings. Not necessarily going out all the time, but I did like cosying up in front of the TV or a bit of wine o’clock. I was determined that Jack would be in a good routine and go to sleep quickly, to let me relax and wind down in the evening, or go out if I wanted. It’s important to have a bit of me time as well.

I saw these people with toddlers saying about how they take half an hour or an hour for the bedtime routine, story, teeth, or whatever. I couldn’t imagine spending that long, it sounded boring and I was dreading it.

Now Jack’s turned one and it’s so different from how I imagined. Bedtime is my favourite time of the day and I even look forward to it. Never thought I’d say that. We don’t have a strict routine each day but one thing we always do is play on the bed for a short time once his pyjamas are on. We have the lamp on dim and and he climbs on me and giggles. It’s such a cute and lovely time and I feel so lucky to have this.

I know when Jack was born I couldn’t believe that I’d enjoy bedtime with a baby or young child. I thought I was going to want my evenings back.

It’s a real cliche to say it but there’s plenty of time for going out once he’s a bit older. I know at the time it feels like your whole life has changed.

But hopefully someone is reading this with a younger baby, thinking you can’t wait for your evenings back, wait and see! You might get them back in a whole new way.

– Jack’s mum