Twins and cuddling to sleep

Ashley: Last night I put my 29 month old twins down to sleep and left the room once they were sleepy (after boobs and stories). They both started shouting, so I waited a couple of minutes as usual, as there can often be some grumbling which dies down quickly. But a minute or two in, I realised it was yelling not grumbling, and went back in. I gave my boy a big cuddle in his cot, and then lay down on the bed and gave my girl a cuddle. She said ‘Julie was crying because she misses mama’s cuddles’. She has only just started speaking in sentences, and it’s the first time she has ever said anything like this. I was blown away. My heart shattered into a million pieces with love for her and I cuddled her to sleep. If I have to cuddle her to sleep from now on, then so be it.

So now I know what babies are feeling when we shut the door on their cries…and I’m more passionate than ever about finding alternatives to sleep training.

 – Ashley