Do babies wake out of habit?


Most evidence says that they don’t wake out of ‘habit’, even though it might seem like that to us.

The detailed answer:

There are many reasons why babies and toddlers wake in the night. A need for additional calories is one of them, but actually even if your baby or toddler genuinely doesn’t need to feed throughout the night, there is still a long list valid reasons why your baby is waking up.

Babies may wake because they are too hot, too cold, uncomfortable, in pain or due to a bad dream. They may need a nappy change, a cuddle or a feed. Even if they are waking at the same sort of time every night, this isn’t “habit”, but possibly the fact that they are in the same point of a sleep cycle at that time, being disturbed by noises that always occur at the same time, or are feeling hunger at a similar time every night.

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