Should I try extinction methods?


No, don’t try controlled crying, crying it out, or any other extinction method.  It’s not worth it.

The Detailed Answer:

As you may have noticed, we’d like to help you avoid any sleep training that involves crying.

You’ll probably hear some people talking about how controlled crying ‘works’ (or similar methods that involve crying). Some professionals even recommend it as a ‘quick fix’. But we think it’s important to understand what’s really happening, and that it might not work in the way you want.

Here’s a list of highly educated researchers, doctors and child development experts who explain why they cannot recommend crying it out, and how it can cause harm.

Here’s a study that shows these techniques don’t even work for half the parents who try them. And many parents say that as soon as the next bout of teething hits, or the next development leap, they have to do the controlled crying all over again, and that’s not fun for anyone.

Of course, we don’t have all the answers either, but we have read the research and summarised it for you in the myth busting section. We also have a gut feeling that babies are completely in our care, and need looking after day and night.

Even if you’re not one for reading research, most people say it makes them feel bad hearing their baby cry.

If you have any doubt at all, follow your instincts. Trust yourself, and don’t leave your baby to cry unless you feel really sure, hand on heart, that you don’t mind hearing them cry, and that it’s not going to bring them any harm or suffering.

Of course we know that sleep training can be very tempting at times. We’ve been there, honestly! But we’re sure you can find ways of coping without needing to use crying methods.

Try our method first. You will feel better, and you won’t need to use any crying at all.

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