Can bedsharing help me get more sleep?

If you are able to bed share safely, many people find this helps get a better night sleep.

Anthropologically speaking, babies would always have slept with their parents. Cots are actually quite a modern invention dating back only a couple of hundred years. In countries like Japan, where bedsharing is the norm, SIDS is almost unheard of and infant mortality in general is exceptionally low. In fact, there are lots of benefits to bedsharing such as more sleep for the adults, ease of breastfeeding and regulating the baby’s body temperature and heart rate.

Although it has had some bad publicity, bedsharing can be perfectly safe if you follow guidelines to make it as safe as it can be.

Please refer to these guidelines:

Guidelines from the Milk Meg.

Guidelines from La Leche League (the Safe Sleep Seven).

Guidelines from UNICEF.

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